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Never compromise on tires! Lives depend on how well they grip the road, especially when it’s wet; that’s why you need to know they’re in top condition.

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South Colorado Springs Nissan offers a full range of tire inspection, maintenance and replacement services.


Another thing everyone should know how to do but few actually do. After watching this video you won’t be one of them.

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We’ll examine your tires for hard-to-spot damage caused by potholes, curbs along with other types of everyday wear and tear. We’ll identify uneven wear patterns that indicate an alignment or suspension problem, and we’ll measure the tread remaining. Regular tire rotations can extend tire life but when it’s time for replacement tires we’ll help you through the selection and purchase process.

The days when the old “penny test” was enough to measure the tread depth in your tires are long gone. Some tires are directional, which complicates rotation, and some cars even have different sizes front and back. There are different types of tire for summer and winter driving. Tire pressure sensors are present in every vehicle. As for tread, many experts recommend replacing tires when there’s still 4/32″ remaining to ensure having good grip in a sudden downpour; this is double what the penny test allows. Tires affect other aspects of your vehicle too. Comfort, noise and even gas mileage are all influenced by the type and condition of the tires on your vehicle. Like every other aspect of today’s automobiles, tires have become a lot more complicated recently. However, just like with everything else, South Colorado Springs Nissan makes tire purchase and maintenance easy.

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